Heaven City in Mukwonago, WI

The team and I went to visit and have dinner at Heaven City tonight. Ever since I first stepped foot into this mysterious place 6 years ago, it has held a palpable type of energy that I’ve never been able to experience anywhere else. From the beautiful original woodwork to the crystalline windows, the atmosphere is perfect and magical. I highly recommend this fine dining restaurant for a date night. The romantic atmosphere is superb! Or even if you are a history buff, just asking the staff about the history is a real treat. Everyone is very passionate, gracious, and more than willing to tell you about their paranormal/strange experiences working there. Did I mention the food? It’s amazing! Go check it out for yourself, eat, and share in some of Wisconsin’s most interesting history!

By: Karen Floan – Founder and Lead Investigator

We’re back!

As usual DTU took a break for the holidays. Well, WE’RE BACK! For those that have been waiting for the results of our last case, we unfortunately did not catch anything on video or audio. We had a cabinet door pop open, but seeing as we had just been futzing with them we can’t claim it was paranormal. Our clients were gracious and took the news well. DTU is currently seeking new members as well as new investigations. If you or anyone you know has a haunted home or business feel free to contact us. If you have any questions regarding our procedures or just want to chat about your paranormal experiences you can still email us at dtuinvestigations@gmail.com
We love hearing from people from all over the world! Until next time, happy investigating!

~ The DTU Team

Evidence Review Week and Research

This week is dedicated to evidence review and historical research of a private residence. Stay tuned…..


Human kind has a long and deviant history with the strange and unknown. Some though, it seems, have a bit…ahem…stronger attraction to the unknown. Spectrophilia is an uncommon but very real phenomenon of people who enjoy, well, having sex with ghosts. This fascinating article and accompanying video portrays several personal accounts of the women who prefer to take spectors for lovers. Need I remind you that this material is slightly NSFW.


By: Jessica Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!

This November marks DTU’s six year anniversary. I didn’t know that when I started this group I would make life-long friendships and bring other people together who otherwise would have never met. DTU was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m looking forward to many more years of investigating and paranormal experiences.

In honor of this special occasion, comment on this post and tell us your most profound paranormal experience or tell us what you hope to experience.

By: Karen Floan – Lead Investigator

China’s Floating City

Recently in the news there’s been reports of people in 2 different Chinese provinces spotting a city floating in the clouds. This has sparked some to comment that it may have been a window to an alternate universe. I as a fan of a certain TV show that has since gone off the air *cough* Fringe *cough* can not express to you how enticed I was by such a theory. Imagine, if you will, the ramifications of a flying city from a parallel universe slipping, even momentarily, into our reality! So I decided to see what the more scientific portion of the internet had to say about what these people had seen.

And their verdict?! A mirage. Kind of disappointing I’ll admit but still quite intriguing a concept. What on earth could make it that we would see a city in the clouds? Well it’s a specific type of mirage called a “fata morgana”. It’s a very specific type of atmospheric mirage that is responsible for the same effect when it seems like a road drives right up into the sky. The difference between the two is based on the direction that the mirage extends. The city anomaly being called a “superior mirage” because the effect extends upwards and the sky reflecting down onto the road is inversely called an “inferior mirage”.

I’m not an atmospheric scientist so rather than explain in my own words allow me to quote how a “fata morgana” is formed.
“To get a fata morgana, you need cold dense air near the ground with a layer of warmer air above it, Coleman says. This is called a temperature inversion, since it’s the reverse of what usually happens in the atmosphere. They usually occur over large bodies of water since the air tends to be relatively cooler close to an ocean or lake surface, but can form over land too.” Jane J. Lee, National Geographic

So, unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait at least one more day to meet an alternate version of ourselves, or see a world where Back to the Future 2 was right and the Cubs won the World Series (more great alternate universe media!). That doesn’t mean we can’t all dream of such an exciting prospect, but let’s let this strange occurrence over China reminds us that we should question even what our own eyes see.

By: William Cleveland – Investigator

Guided to the Light?

Death in America is not an easy topic to openly discuss or talk about. In fact death of a family member can be one of the most difficult things someone has to go through. But when you die, are you truly alone? As a paranormal investigator that works in a funeral home I find myself asking what is really happening the last few moments before death. When we die, is the choice to go toward the light all ours, or are we guided?

The idea of seeing a white light just before death is a common belief, but is that all there is? Since 2009 I’ve been working at a funeral home and have heard many strange stories about people moments away from death. Most of the time I brushed it off and paid it no mind. That was the case before it happened to a family member of mine. A few months ago a family member dealing with old age and health issues was napping and his wife overheard a conversation he was having. Concerned, she woke him and he explained there was a man the come to visit him in his dream. As he described the man it was all too clear, so he believed he was visited by an “Angel”. Unsure of what this dream man wanted, he was convinced someone tried to speak with him about his life. Was this just random brain activity that created this vivid dream or was he really visited by an “Angel”?

Years back, I had other strange occurrence happen to me that I still can’t explain. There was a death at a nursing home and I was called to transfer the body back to the funeral home. Upon arriving to the room I noticed a faint smell of perfume in the room. No living person was in the room but it smelled as if some one just sprayed perfume. I made the transfer and left the room to find the nurse. She told me moments before he took his last breath he said hello to his sister. The nurse made mention his sister had passed away years ago. As I filled out my paperwork and returned to the room, the smell of perfume had vanished. Was this man greeted by his sister moments before his death? Did she help guide him through the light? Was this all just coincidence?

I have no answers to most of the claims I hear like this. Truth is we will never know until it’s our time. And when it is our time, will you be going to the light alone? Or will you have loved ones guiding you?

By: Cody Morgan – Investigator


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