Spring Heeled Jack – The Untouchable Demon

In the mid-19th century a story began circulating in the Black Country area of England of a creature described as man like but possessing long, sharp finger nails, and wild eyes that seemed to have a red glow when he was about to attack. Later reports of this beast would see him with horns and the ability to breath fire. However, the attribute that would earn him his moniker was that he was seen easily jumping over tall fences, including the gates of a cemetery on the night of his first sighting. When anyone would attempt to catch this beast, he would use this final trait to lend himself and escape.

As the decades passed from his first sighting in 1837 Spring Heeled Jack would be found accosting women, he would hide in dark alleyways and charge out after them. His first female victim stated that this “man” grabbed her and began kissing her on the face. He used his sharp talons to shred her clothes in an attempt to disrobe her, his hands were described as being as cold and clammy as a corpse. On another occasion, he jumped in front of a carriage startling the horses. The horses reared back, and thus severely injuring the driver. In all he was said to be responsible for a number of shredded clothes and a few heart attacks. The majority of the sightings occurred between 1837-1877. At this time, a larger monster, Jack the Ripper, garnered more attention in the close by London.

There are two major theories as to who this demon vagabond was. The first theory is ‘The Mad Marquis’ Henry Beresford, may have been Jack. The Marquis was very fond of jumping out of alleys to startle passersby. If Henry was to blame, however, there must have been a fan that continued his work, Henry died in 1859 long before the end of Jack’s reign of terror. The second theory points to Joseph Darby a man who was a world class jumper who fancied practicing at night. Darby was born during the later portion of Jack’s time, and if he was responsible it wasn’t until the much later sightings.

By: William Cleveland


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DTU Update and Personal Update

Hello everyone, Karen here with an update!

Some of you may be wondering where DTU has gotten to these days. We are still around, still chasing down investigations! Life has gotten busier and busier for yours truly. I was accepted into a graduate school program and hardly have a moment to myself. I spend 10-12 hour days doing homework when I’d rather be hunting ghosts. Such is life in the adult world I suppose. We are still looking for investigations, but a word for potential clients: If you’re interested in having us conduct an investigation, please understand if evidence review takes a couple of weeks to go over everything thoroughly – I barely have time to eat breakfast most days HAHA! I’m hungry…
Anywho, paranormal food for thought of the day: Do you believe that living beings (who have not died yet) can leave a residual mark on places? Does a person have to die before this residual energy can be seen or sensed by others? Why?

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DTU Update and Personal Update

Hello! Karen, lead investigator here. DTU is still together even though we haven’t updated our site in a while. The reason for this is, back in March, my beloved family pet Putz got sick very suddenly. He was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. It happened very suddenly and without warning. One night he couldn’t get up, couldn’t use his back legs. Degenerative myelopathy is a spinal cord disease that essentially leaves your dogs limbs numb and paralyzed. There is no treatment nor any cure. For nearly 2 months I stayed by his side and tried to make the remainder of his life as comfortable as possible. He went to rainbow bridge the middle of May, and my life hasn’t been the same since. My whole life I’ve always had an animal companion, and now I don’t. It’s been a hard adjustment. My 8 year old laptop has also died which makes updating he site more difficult. I’m typing this from my phone as we speak, and it’s not easy. I won’t have enough money for a new laptop until August or September. I will still update our followers every once in a while but it may only be once a month. If you have any questions please use the contact form.

As for the DTU update. We accepted a new member and we are currently training her. She is a quick study and a great case manager. We have an investigation set for July 8th – helping out a fellow team. And we may also investigate a dental clinic and we are are also working on getting into the Rave/Eagles Ballroom. Big things in the works. We recently had a practice investigation of a couple cemeteries but it was too windy for EVP sessions

Well, that’s all for now.

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Blog Updates Coming Soon

DTU has been on a bit of a break as it’s members have been terribly busy with our personal lives, but our glossary of terms and definitions will be updated soon with source links to more information. There will also be a new section on psychological terms and how psychology and the paranormal often coincide. Stay tuned for these changes in the upcoming month. We are currently awaiting permission from a potential client to investigate a haunted public location. Locations will never be disclosed unless express permission from the client is given. But we are very excited about this potential case.

DTU is also currently searching for new committed members. If you have the time to dedicate to cases and research, please email us at dtuinvestigations@gmail.com or click the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Thank you.


Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive. Some people took this fear to the grave with them, literally. Blog “This Week in Weird” goes into detail of this fear, so prevalent in 18th and 19th century that some people actually put windows into their burial chambers. This article follows the story of Timothy Clark Smith and his tomb with a view.


By: Jesse Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator

DTU is taking a break for the Holidays…


~ The DTU Family

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