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Haunted Dolls

My family inherited an antique doll when I was still living at home. She wore a long christening gown and a white bonnet, worn slightly with age. Her face was full porcelain with painted on eyelashes and eyebrows that furrowed down disapprovingly. The white in her glass eyes faded to a jaundice yellow, with never blinking brown iris’s that stared sternly in one direction. We kept her on a couch in the corner.
At least once every week overnight the doll would change positions. Sometimes we would wake up to find her staring at us from a chair in our bedrooms- or even in our bed with us. Sometimes she would just be on a different chair in the living room. My mom was terrified, and pressed a confession out of my sister. But the doll still moved, and weeks later my sister was confronted about her ongoing ‘practical joke’. Her face went pale and still and she admitted she was not the one moving the doll. The doll ended up getting boxed up and put into storage.
This had popped into my mind years later. Never having got resolution if it was my sister moving the doll or if it was moving on its own, I started searching the internet for haunted dolls. I was bombarded with famous dolls haunted by demons, and dolls that will give you bad luck if you take their picture without asking. You could even try your luck on eBay and buy a haunted doll for a small price. I wasn’t convinced at first.
I found myself joining a Facebook group run by paranormal investigator Jayne Harris; a very well respected investigator and seller of haunted dolls .I learned in the group that yes, spirits can and do attach themselves to objects, and the object is most frequently a doll.
Of course I started tracking down that antique doll of my mom’s right away. After a year and a half, she is finally mine. I put her on the rocking chair in my apartment, and she has sat there for a few weeks, not changing position. Something about her does feel quite off, and I frequently imagine her floating around with her long gown dragging softly on the floor, those angry eyes watching me sleep. But nothing as of yet. I’ve had EVP sessions with her, which anomalies are frequently caught; the first EVP being “come closer.. I have to show you some things”. But no flying around from couch to couch as I was expecting.
The idea of adopting a ghost excited me, and now I fill my room with antique and vintage dolls with hope that a ghost has or will someday make its home in them. I garage sale for the creepiest dolls I can find, and once every so often buy from a reputable haunted seller online. The world of haunted objects is spooky and addictive for the lovers of the unknown.
Although the presence of a haunted doll may be subtle, from behind those cute glass eyes of your favorite doll, may be a spirit staring back at you.

By: Anonymous

Hello DTU Minions!

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Seances and Ouija Boards

In a spiritual – and even psychological – sense, using a Ouija board, or participating in a seance, especially if one is “channeling”, is giving something which is unseen permission to take at least partial control over ones psyche and motor reflexes. It can be taken by some entities as an open invitation to invade one’s life to varying degrees. Individuals who have experienced severe emotional trauma or who have low feelings of self-worth, or who may have suffered identity crises, are particularly vulnerable to this.

The chances of an entity entering an individual’s life through these methods (the same can obviously be said of automatic writing) are somewhat rare, but it only takes one time for something to happen. If an individual has “crossed the line”, so to speak, and as a result is being harassed by such an entity, then the permission which was originally given must be taken away. The individual must make it clear that he or she does NOT want this spirit entity in their lives. This should be followed up with a “cleansing”, or spiritual blessing, during which one should have a special prayer recited over them, in faith, in accordance with their particular religious belief. If the person subscribes to no particular religious belief, then he or she must make a firm verbal proclamation that they absolutely will not further permit this invading entity into their lives, making certain to tell it to “depart now in peace.” The individual should then practice envisioning a white, protective light surrounding their entire body (especially before going to bed at night), until he or she feels comfortable, and confident that the entity is no longer giving them a problem.

Recommended Scripture/prayers: Psalm 23, Psalm 91, the Lord’s Prayer, and John, chapter 4, verses 1-3.

By: Dale Cameau – Tech Specialist and Investigator

Under Unity

People say we need to have one nation under God again because it’s something this country was founded on, but I see that the world needs to change with the times. We need to become one nation under unity. We are starting to become a nation filled with a lot of different cultures, and I believe that if we have spirits of all kinds this tells me that the after life is much different than we have imagined. We need less hate and more understanding. Open our minds and let curiosity run wild.

By: Lisa Schneider – Historical Researcher and Investigator


We all know Slenderman; the 8-foot tall, kidnapping specter, first made viral by a series of Creepypasta stories, video games, as well as being known for the cause of a recent stabbing in Wisconsin. Recently, Slenderman has been at it again in the small town of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire England. Several sightings have occurred and many are starting to worry. Will more victims suffer at this monsters grasp? The investigator on the case isn’t concerned as much by the specter itself, but is concerned that more violence may occur because of the beast like what occurred in Wisconsin. He advises that it is best to simply remain calm if you ever find yourself in the presence of Slenderman.
For my info check out this link:

By: Jessica Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator

Ghost Sex

How many people can say they’ve had a ghostly encounter with the other side? Quite a few actually. But how many people can say they’ve had a ghostly encounter of the sexual variety? Not as many but more than you’d think. We’ve all heard of the succubus and incubus. These are supposedly demonic entities that enter a human’s dreams and take the form of a woman or man in order to seduce the victim. Some claim they’ve been assaulted by spirits while others claim to be aroused and enjoy the experience. Believe it or not there is a term for this, it’s called Spectrophilia. To date, no real evidence has been captured that spirits actually have sex with humans, but there are a few celebrities that claim to have had these erotic experiences. One such celebrity is Anna Nicole Smith. Here is what she had to say about her encounter back in 2004: “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, then one day I woke up and found it wasn’t.” And back in 2012 the singer Ke$ha made claims that she too had sex with a spirit during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. So, is this phenomenon legit or just a vivid dream or hallucination? It may be a long time before we figure out the answer given that the only evidence we have to go on is hearsay, but for now, sweet dreams.

By: Karen Floan – Founder and Lead Investigator


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