Guided to the Light?

Death in America is not an easy topic to openly discuss or talk about. In fact death of a family member can be one of the most difficult things someone has to go through. But when you die, are you truly alone? As a paranormal investigator that works in a funeral home I find myself asking what is really happening the last few moments before death. When we die, is the choice to go toward the light all ours, or are we guided?

The idea of seeing a white light just before death is a common belief, but is that all there is? Since 2009 I’ve been working at a funeral home and have heard many strange stories about people moments away from death. Most of the time I brushed it off and paid it no mind. That was the case before it happened to a family member of mine. A few months ago a family member dealing with old age and health issues was napping and his wife overheard a conversation he was having. Concerned, she woke him and he explained there was a man the come to visit him in his dream. As he described the man it was all too clear, so he believed he was visited by an “Angel”. Unsure of what this dream man wanted, he was convinced someone tried to speak with him about his life. Was this just random brain activity that created this vivid dream or was he really visited by an “Angel”?

Years back, I had other strange occurrence happen to me that I still can’t explain. There was a death at a nursing home and I was called to transfer the body back to the funeral home. Upon arriving to the room I noticed a faint smell of perfume in the room. No living person was in the room but it smelled as if some one just sprayed perfume. I made the transfer and left the room to find the nurse. She told me moments before he took his last breath he said hello to his sister. The nurse made mention his sister had passed away years ago. As I filled out my paperwork and returned to the room, the smell of perfume had vanished. Was this man greeted by his sister moments before his death? Did she help guide him through the light? Was this all just coincidence?

I have no answers to most of the claims I hear like this. Truth is we will never know until it’s our time. And when it is our time, will you be going to the light alone? Or will you have loved ones guiding you?

By: Cody Morgan – Investigator


If you decide to take a road trip this summer or fall, here are a few places to check out in New Mexico. Boyd’s Sanitorium in central New Mexico, the St. James Hotel build in 1880, and there is also a haunted insane asylum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, was once owned by Al Capone, the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of Rebecca. Cuervo, New Mexico ghost town is also a very interesting place to check out. Good hunting!

By: Bob Weber – Investigator


It’s been a while since we posted anything, but do not fear! We are not dead! Or haunting anyone… yet! We were busy preparing for possible cases. We are proud to announce we did an investigation of the Grand Old Opera House in Oshkosh, WI. Although we didn’t find anything concrete to show you guys we did experience smelling some strange rotten egg-like, sulfurous smells. We all smelled it once when we were setting up equipment, it was extremely pungent. We kindly asked our hosts to open a nearby storage room so that we could make sure it wasn’t ventilation from a restroom or a dead animal, and to our surprise there was nothing in there that could have given us this odor. Cody and Will smelled it once more each at separate times. This is the strange part. If it was something natural we would have been able to identify a source and it wouldn’t have dissipated within a matter of seconds. We aren’t definitely saying this is paranormal, and it’s not even part of the claims people report, but it is worth noting for when we go back in the future. A lot of times the sulfurous smell is reported during demonic-type hauntings, but we would just like to take a moment to say that this is NOT always the case. And in this instance we felt nothing but a welcome and friendly atmosphere. If anyone has any suggestions as to what might have caused this smell leave us a comment to ponder. Thanks for reading as always.

~ The DTU Family


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Haunted Dolls

My family inherited an antique doll when I was still living at home. She wore a long christening gown and a white bonnet, worn slightly with age. Her face was full porcelain with painted on eyelashes and eyebrows that furrowed down disapprovingly. The white in her glass eyes faded to a jaundice yellow, with never blinking brown iris’s that stared sternly in one direction. We kept her on a couch in the corner.
At least once every week overnight the doll would change positions. Sometimes we would wake up to find her staring at us from a chair in our bedrooms- or even in our bed with us. Sometimes she would just be on a different chair in the living room. My mom was terrified, and pressed a confession out of my sister. But the doll still moved, and weeks later my sister was confronted about her ongoing ‘practical joke’. Her face went pale and still and she admitted she was not the one moving the doll. The doll ended up getting boxed up and put into storage.
This had popped into my mind years later. Never having got resolution if it was my sister moving the doll or if it was moving on its own, I started searching the internet for haunted dolls. I was bombarded with famous dolls haunted by demons, and dolls that will give you bad luck if you take their picture without asking. You could even try your luck on eBay and buy a haunted doll for a small price. I wasn’t convinced at first.
I found myself joining a Facebook group run by paranormal investigator Jayne Harris; a very well respected investigator and seller of haunted dolls .I learned in the group that yes, spirits can and do attach themselves to objects, and the object is most frequently a doll.
Of course I started tracking down that antique doll of my mom’s right away. After a year and a half, she is finally mine. I put her on the rocking chair in my apartment, and she has sat there for a few weeks, not changing position. Something about her does feel quite off, and I frequently imagine her floating around with her long gown dragging softly on the floor, those angry eyes watching me sleep. But nothing as of yet. I’ve had EVP sessions with her, which anomalies are frequently caught; the first EVP being “come closer.. I have to show you some things”. But no flying around from couch to couch as I was expecting.
The idea of adopting a ghost excited me, and now I fill my room with antique and vintage dolls with hope that a ghost has or will someday make its home in them. I garage sale for the creepiest dolls I can find, and once every so often buy from a reputable haunted seller online. The world of haunted objects is spooky and addictive for the lovers of the unknown.
Although the presence of a haunted doll may be subtle, from behind those cute glass eyes of your favorite doll, may be a spirit staring back at you.

By: Anonymous

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Seances and Ouija Boards

In a spiritual – and even psychological – sense, using a Ouija board, or participating in a seance, especially if one is “channeling”, is giving something which is unseen permission to take at least partial control over ones psyche and motor reflexes. It can be taken by some entities as an open invitation to invade one’s life to varying degrees. Individuals who have experienced severe emotional trauma or who have low feelings of self-worth, or who may have suffered identity crises, are particularly vulnerable to this.

The chances of an entity entering an individual’s life through these methods (the same can obviously be said of automatic writing) are somewhat rare, but it only takes one time for something to happen. If an individual has “crossed the line”, so to speak, and as a result is being harassed by such an entity, then the permission which was originally given must be taken away. The individual must make it clear that he or she does NOT want this spirit entity in their lives. This should be followed up with a “cleansing”, or spiritual blessing, during which one should have a special prayer recited over them, in faith, in accordance with their particular religious belief. If the person subscribes to no particular religious belief, then he or she must make a firm verbal proclamation that they absolutely will not further permit this invading entity into their lives, making certain to tell it to “depart now in peace.” The individual should then practice envisioning a white, protective light surrounding their entire body (especially before going to bed at night), until he or she feels comfortable, and confident that the entity is no longer giving them a problem.

Recommended Scripture/prayers: Psalm 23, Psalm 91, the Lord’s Prayer, and John, chapter 4, verses 1-3.

By: Dale Cameau – Tech Specialist and Investigator


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