…DTU will be going up to Summerwind to meet with other teams and investigate the notoriously haunted ruins. CAN’T WAIT!

For those who liked to be creeped out…

Are you looking to experience ghoulish hauntings from the comfort of your own home? Are you fascinated by real life tales of things that go bump in the night? Do you have a slight obsession with hearing the crack of a spine?….a book spine that is! Avid reader and blogger Catherine Kovach has compiled and reviewed some of the greatest works of nonfiction ghost stories, from “The Amityville Horror” to “The Demonologist” and so much more! If you’re looking for a good read and an even better scare this list is for you!

By: Jesse Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator


Closure. Curiosity. Proof. Confirmation. These are things I was searching for when I decided to join DTU. It had turned into a decision that I wish I would have made sooner in my life. It was the year 2002 when I welcomed my beautiful first baby boy into the world at the young age of 21. Life was great, I was finally given the greatest gift God could give anyone… a human life. What was short lived happiness turned into helplessness, sadness, confusion, and anger. “My son has what?” I asked the doctor. He repeated, “SMA.” It stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. After I had heard this news at his 5 month check up, the rest of what was coming out of the doctors mouth was a complete blur. All I remember asking is, “He’s going to live… right?” The doctor didn’t hesitate with his answer. “No.” You will be lucky to get 2 years but most pass around 6 months of age. We took him home, we told our family. I quit my job. The next few days were silence and shock. We did give Christian the best life we could, filled with lots of love. I never left his side. In June of 2003, Christian wasn’t doing great. His breathing became labored, and he looked tired. The night of the 25th, his stats weren’t good. I told him it was okay to go home to God. He died peacefully in my arms. The look in his eyes was one I will never forget. They read, “Mom, why aren’t you helping me?” After months passing and going through each stage of losing someone, I started questioning God and Heaven. Did it even exist? Was I lying to Christian? Will I ever see him again? Did any type of after life exist? I guess I will never know, right? Well 13 years later, I have finally made my decision to set out to see if I can find any proof of the afterlife. Joining DTU was a blessing I have learned so much while making friends along the way. The best part is, on this journey of mine I get to help others. I now have 4 beautiful, healthy children and cannot wait for this next chapter in my life.

By: Rachel Andrea – Lead Investigator

Past Life Regression

The concept of reincarnation stirs many people’s emotions. Whether one believes in a higher power that rules over an afterlife kingdom or perhaps you believe that a person is reborn in a new life until their spirit attains some sort of enlightenment, the idea of a soul being placed in a new body after death is a strong idea. In this discussion a very interesting subsect is past life regression. This is especially fascinating when it comes to children.
One could easily make the argument that if a person, an adult, were to give details of a dead person’s life, it’s likely they could’ve had an opportunity to find out the information. On the other hand what can one say when at their very earliest stages of being able to communicate, a child begins telling of past experiences of life, and more frighteningly, death? Not only just seemingly random ideas but such detailed descriptions that the past life can actually be identified? Often in these cases not only will the child know impossible information but they seemingly resemble the person whose life they seem to be recalling. Such observations makes the argument against the idea a little more difficult.
One Dr. Ian Stevenson studied many possible cases of past life regression in children, nearly 2500 in total. Of those cases, nearly half (1200), in Dr. Stevenson’s opinion could be objectively validated. In his forty years of research one must consider that he built quite an adequate concept of what to look for in avoiding possible hoaxes.
If we were to put aside our personal feelings and look at his evidence objectively, it would be difficult to deny that this is a legitimate phenomenon that we must continue to observe and study. These occurrences could hold the answer to whether life after death is not only plausible but real. I can tell you, as a paranormal investigator such proof would help to validate what we look for in each investigation.

By: William Cleveland – Investigator

Out of this World Music

Two months before the Apollo 11 moon landing, Apollo 10 was sent into to study the lunar orbit. Apollo 10’s mission included traveling to the dark side of the moon were they reported hearing a strange noise which the described as music. After about an hour of hearing the transmission the noise stopped. Confused about what they just heard the astronauts discussed on whether or not to tell mission control about what they experienced.
Today NASA still doesn’t have answer to what the noise was or where it came from. There are many theories out there speculating on what the astronauts heard. What do they think they heard?

By: Cody Morgan – Investigator


Ghost hunting, or paranormal investigating, is a big thing to do today. It strikes a unique curiosity in a lot of people. The investigators use different types of equipment to capture an apparition on film or digital recording. Mel Meters can measure EMF and temperature – that can capture cold spots and are widely used in ghost hunting. Cold spots are thought to form when a ghost is present, seeing as the ghost pulls energy around them as they are energy themselves.

By: Bob Weber – Investigator

Heaven City in Mukwonago, WI

The team and I went to visit and have dinner at Heaven City tonight. Ever since I first stepped foot into this mysterious place 6 years ago, it has held a palpable type of energy that I’ve never been able to experience anywhere else. From the beautiful original woodwork to the crystalline windows, the atmosphere is perfect and magical. I highly recommend this fine dining restaurant for a date night. The romantic atmosphere is superb! Or even if you are a history buff, just asking the staff about the history is a real treat. Everyone is very passionate, gracious, and more than willing to tell you about their paranormal/strange experiences working there. Did I mention the food? It’s amazing! Go check it out for yourself, eat, and share in some of Wisconsin’s most interesting history!

By: Karen Floan – Founder and Lead Investigator


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