Father of the Ghost Box Passes Away

Frank Sumption, inventor of “The Frank’s Box” which sparked the “ghost box” craze, has reportedly died from a heart attack. Frank invented his “ghost box” in 2002, a device in which sweeps through AM radio bands and has the potential to communicate messages from the dead by picking out words said across the radio. Frank himself did not commercially market his version of the “ghost box” though; only about 180 were ever made and distributed to people that he saw fit. Many others have tried to copy this technology, but having an original is quite the novelty. Frank had a huge impact on paranormal researchers around the world and will certainly be missed.

By: Jessica Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator

The Catacombs

Beneath the streets of Paris is another world, some may say it’s a portal to the spirit realm. The official name for this place is l’Ossuaire Municipal, but most just call it “the catacombs.” The catacombs were once mines converted into a mass grave or burial champers. In 1787 there were many health complaints about so many bodies being buried or left to decompose in churches. Rotting flesh contaminated water supplies causing sickness and disease, and so, the bodies were exhumed and relocated underground. The labyrinth of tunnels expands 180 miles beneath the city. This claustrophobic maze is home to the remains of 6 million people. Many people have been lost in the seemingly endless passageways and caves, and some of them have never been seen again. Of course these catacombs aren’t open to the public, but still adventurous Cataphiles take people down into the tunnels and give them illegal tours. Today, the catacombs are listed as one of the most haunted places in the world. People often claim to be touched by unseen hands, have the sensation of being watched or followed, have hysterical breakdowns, and feel as though they are being strangled. Most of these things can be possible signs of claustrophobia, but what about the claims of full bodied apparitions or sightings of terrifying unknown creatures? Can those be easily explained away as hallucinations brought on by being 65ft. below ground? Or is there something living among the bones of old Parisians?

By: Karen Floan – Founder and Lead Investigator


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NO ONE KNOWS for certain what happens to those who have died. Many are convinced, however, that they are sometimes in a place where they can still watch over living persons who are most important to them. Strong connections exist among blood relatives and even close friends. And these connections often seem to continue after death. There are countless personal stories from people who believe they have been contacted in some way by a loved one who has passed on. Often it’s just a feeling. Sometimes contact is made in a dream. Then every so often this contact is made in much more tangible ways: visions, sounds, smells and even voices.

Share your experiences.

By: Dale Cameau – Tech specialist and Investigator

Photographic Evidence

Trying to find evidence of the paranormal isn’t just something that popped up in recent years. Trying to capture the deceased has been happening since the early days of photography. Huffington Post says, “William H. Mumlermade a name for himself as a photographer-turned-medium allegedly able to conjure deceased individuals with his camera.” Of course it was later found his photos had been manipulated, it didn’t prevent others from trying the same. Many individuals believed to have captured “ectoplasm” on film, which is a cloudy substance that psychics can supposedly draw from themselves to help them communicate with the other side. Real or not, check out the link to see some awesomely eerie photographs!


By: Jessica Jokela – Historical Researcher and Investigator


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Ghost Pets

The question of whether animal spirits can come back just like human spirits do has fascinated me for quite some time now. D.T.U. has done cases in which animals see things that the human eye can’t see, and we’ve also come across a case in which a ghost cat was reportedly seen around a private residence actually playing with the home owners cats. Even throughout history people have reported seeing the apparition of their deceased pets in or around their homes. Can animal spirits return to their owners after death? If human spirits can return, why not our beloved animals? It’s certainly plausible. The most commonly reported are dogs, cats, and horses, so are there only a few types of animals that can return? There are so many questions surrounding this phenomenon. I invite all our followers and fellow bloggers to share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences on the subject. A shame not much is known about this phenomenon, but there has been too many sightings and reports to ignore the fact that maybe our furry friends really do come back to visit, if only for a short time, to say goodbye.

By: Karen Floan Founder and Lead Investigator


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